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Welcome to Books About Music - a site grounded on the belief that the more you learn about music – the better it gets!

BooksAboutMusic.Org was started in July 2012, and serves to identify and review good literature for those interested in music. Whilst partly a resource for academic study, genre-based books as well as literature on composition and performance are discussed as well.

Who runs the site …?

I am a music student in Brighton (UK), and among the several reasons I have for starting this site, the primary one is rather selfish. It basically serves as a way for me to get to know the resources I should be using to get a decent result in the end. Now, like I said, that doesn’t mean that the site will merely be full of dull, academic books. However, in order for me to write about a book, it must fit at least one of these conditions.

1. I have read it, or at least partly read it.

2. Someone has recommended it to me.

At Books About Music, the content is divided into three sections:

Academic books about music

This sounds like the dull section, but should contain a lot of fun books. Moreover, not all of them are at university level. For instance, beginner’s guides to music theory and analysis are included. The section is divided into four categories (links are to be found in the header menu):

Music theory | Music analysis | Music history | Contextual musicology

I presume the first three categories should appear rather obvious. “Contextual Musicology” refers to music in relation other subjects, topics or aspects of life; such as politics, economics and even feminism. Ethnomusicology is also included in this category.

Books based on genre

Some books about music that should appear attractive to the general reader are those based on genre. Loads of literature fit into this section. Once the site is really up and running, the following categories will be represented:

Classical Music | Electronic & Computer Music | Film Music | Jazz | Opera | Pop Music | Rock | World Music

Composition and performance

books about music org logoVery much have been written on the topics of both writing music and performing music. When it comes to composition, subtopics include orchestration, computer composition and even software guides. Performance topics are plentiful, especially considering the enormous amount of instruments about which books have been written (guitar, piano, flute and so on). You’ll find the sections through the links in the header menu.

Books About Composition | Books About Performance

If you are a university student in the UK, feel free to also read an article about getting a first on a University essay.

News and partners

  • 9/6, 2013 – The structure of the site has been updated, so as to better highlight the contents.
  • 17/3, 2013 – BooksAboutMusic.Org has slightly changed it layout. The links are now of a different blue colour, that should look more pleasing to the eye. That’s the plan anyway.

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