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BooksAboutMusic.Org is a site for reviews and recommendations of books on the subject of music. It was started in July 2012. This page contains some additional information to what you can find on the home page. Please also find add the bottom of this page a privacy policy for the site.

Contact the site

As you can read on the home page, the site is run by a music student and mentor (that is me), who started the site as an academic resource for himself and fellow musicians.

What are the goals of this website?

This website has three main goals:

1. To function as an academic resource by recommending popular and useful publications for different areas of music studies.

2. To highlight books (on the subject of music) with particularly strong reviews, and thus hopefully increase the sales of those books.

3. To encourage any visitor to learn more about music by reading, and thereby learn to appreciate music more, no matter the context.

Importantly, this website is not only for scholars. I am not a professor in music, neither do I claim expertise in any of its areas. If you are of the opinion that reviews should be written by professional critics, you may use the word “book recommendations” for what I publish on this site.

How are the books selected?

Naturally, although I do read a lot of music books, I have not read every single book listed on this page. Most of the academic books, however, I should be quite familiar with. They have been chosen based on their degree of usefulness for the courses that I have attended over the last years. Special thanks go to Prof. Nicholas Till and Dr. Nicholas McKay for their knowledge and recommendations.

When it comes to the less academic sections, books are selected based on recommendations to me from teachers, fellow students or other friends. Also, if I can see that a specific publication seems to be getting good reviews consistently, I am likely to add it to the relevant page/article.

Privacy policy

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