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UK mail service – what’s going on?

What’s up with the UK snail mail nowadays? Being a foreigner in this country I was initially actually quite surprised to see how parcels seemed to be delivered without problems. Recently basically none of the books I’ve ordered have arrived properly – at least not the first orders. Three times in just as many weeks, […]

University library drama

Since I love books, I’m determined to constantly use the library at my university to the fullest. It is a modern library with a very nice atmosphere, and it has rich collections of books in areas in which I’m most interested. One thing I also love about it is its collection of films. I have […]

The Very Short Introductions – very good!

Sometimes university courses can be frustrating. Every new week you cover something new, and the readings are all vastly different. My tip of the week – go on Amazon and see if you can find a “Very Short Introduction” book! The Very Short Introduction series are fully academic works, even though they are so short, […]

Oral presentations coming up

I’m currently about half way through my three University years. Actually a bit more than that. Seven twelfths to be perfectly exact. I’m doing quite well, although I’ve only completed about 20 % of the coursework that actually counts for the diploma (nothing from the first year did). The next thing I’ve got coming up […]

New term – new ideas

A new academic term has started for me, and I have already found a couple of books that I’ve found worthy of adding to this site. Salzmans Twentieth-Century Music has already been reviewed in the article where it belongs. I got myself a copy of the book to get an overview of the music that […]

Essay writing in music

You may have noticed that BooksAboutMusic.Org has not been updated as much as planned over the last few weeks. The reasons do, however, related to books about music. Studying music is by no means easier than studying most other subjects. It actually combines technical, scientific tools (analysis, harmony etc.) with areas of study relating more […]

The music student – always an instrumentalist

I’m glad to see that BooksAboutMusic is gradually getting more visitors. The pages with reviews of less academically oriented books have proved the most read this far. Neglecting such factors as page rankings, search engines and incoming links, this may illustrate how music still isn’t regarded as an academic subject by most people. Still, once […]

More writing and playing

Alright alright, this last couple of weeks, about eight new book review articles have been published. They are all in either the composition or the performance section. The section on books on performance have been filled with such instruments as guitar, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Reading the books recommended here can greatly aid […]

Last articles of August

Books About Music has been enjoying the great privilege of existence for about a month now, and almost thirty pages with book reviews have been published. That means about six more this week, the first one on the subject of ethnomusicology. Moreover, there is now a page with reviews of popular music books (the academic […]

More genre-specific articles

Books About Music is growing rapidly. Now, during the first month, I intend to focus on getting some content in all the sections and subsections. Thus, you will only find about two reviewed books on most of the pages. This doesn’t mean that there are only two good books. I will add more reviews once […]

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