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This page – Books about pop – is slightly different from the popular music books page in the academic book section. Whereas that page primarily contains reviews of academic books on popular music and its connection to society, this page lists reader-friendly books on, for instance, the history of pop. Furthermore please note that, while the term “popular music” is an umbrella term for pretty much all widely distributed and popular genres over the last six or seven decades, “pop” refers to a specific genre.

At the same time, “pop” is quite an eclectic style, often borrowing from such genres as country, dance and latin. However, it is associated with short or medium-length songs, catchy tunes, repeated choruses, and a very logical structure (such as the basic verse-chorus one).

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List of books

As of now, there is one book in this section.

From Abba to Zoom: A Pop Culture Encyclopedia of the Late 20th Century

books about pop from abba to zoom a pop culture encyclopedia of the late 20th centuryThis book is not only on pop music, but on pop culture. More specifically it is an encyclopedia full of descriptions of popular memorabilia, including pop bands, certain commodities, TV shows, and so on. It is especially suited for Americans born after the Second World War.

The author – David Mansour – is described as an aficionado of American pop culture. Moreover, he is a professional hair stylist, and a collector of nostalgic items. After decades of research he managed to compile this work, which contains 3001 entries on 560 pages. People reading the book tend to get very pleasantly surprised, and some even overwhelmed. It does not only contain entries on true cultural icons, but also on much more obscure items or personalities. Almost every constituent of popular culture that you can think of is mentioned in this book!

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This page is under development. If you have any suggestions of books, which to a greater extent treats the history of the pop music genre, feel free to contact Books About Music!

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