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University library drama

Since I love books, I’m determined to constantly use the library at my university to the fullest. It is a modern library with a very nice atmosphere, and it has rich collections of books in areas in which I’m most interested. One thing I also love about it is its collection of films. I have abandoned downloading torrents altogether, and I don’t want to go back to it, because then there will be just no stopping to it. I’d start downloading music software and all kinds of stuff to save money, and feel very bad about myself.

For that simple reason, I do not download films or music either. And, being a film lover, it is great to have the opportunity to get films out for free. Well, of course you only get to borrow them for academic purposes, but no one ever asks you why you are borrowing them, and I usually think of some kind of excuse. After all, I study music. I could just say I’m going to be studying the soundtrack of a film.

“Using the library to the fullest” means I usually have about 25 books out at the same time. I like the idea of having access to a few books if I need references for web articles or essays. Or just to read …

But there is, naturally, a danger with that. You do not want to lose a university book. Yesterday I had a look at my account and noticed a book, which I thought I had returned, and of course it was nowhere to be found at home. With the dreaded 40 pound replacement cost in mind I sent an email to the library asking if some mistake might have occurred, whilst admitting to myself that there might actually have been several instances where I potentially could have taken a borrowed book out of my bag to reach something at the bottom of it, and then not put it back.

Having to pay 40 pounds and get absolutely nothing for it is extremely annoying. I’m still naively hoping that the electronic return system is to blame. We’ll see how it all goes.

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